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Why $MOOV? An important explanation of its key role in dotmoovs.

Our plan is to democratize access to sports challenges. We want people from everywhere in the world to be able to compete within an environment that is free from currency value constraints, where a small USD fee can turn into a large, burdensome barrier to overcome in another currency. The way to democratize access is by giving everyone a level playing field.

You spend your days honing your skills, doing what you love and making sure you improve every time. Now it is time to make it count. Play in our challenges with $MOOV tokens and watch your hard work pay off. Collect our NFTs and make your own unique collection.

Join the movement that will change sports competition forever!

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Token price & distribution

$MOOVs distribution and sale structure

$moovs distribution

Private sale price: $0.003 USD

Public sale price: $0.004 USD

Uniswap listing price: $0.005 USD

Private and public rounds with 32% of the total token distribution. Ecosystem Growth reserved for marketing, awareness, partnerships, and exchange listings.

Liquidity Fund will provide funds for Uniswap and other exchanges liquidity.

Team and Advisors with 10% of the total token distribution, Foundational Reserve with the remaining 10%.

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Sports Mining

Practice your favorite sports, bet on your skills, and earn $MOOVs on the way.

dotmoovs sports mining

Dotmoovs matches and tournaments

Gamers choose the game, choose the stake, choose an opponent or let dotmoovs do the matchmaking, and the competition begins. Gaming modes: Solo, Party, Teams, and Pro-Seasons. The winner gets the prize pool minus organizing fees.

Dotmoovs league

Players can join skill-filtered leagues that level the playing playfield, improve enjoyment and ensure opportunities at all skill levels to monetize and enhance skills.

Moving rewards

Dotmoovs wants to reward back athletes for using the platform. Win or lose, every time there is a match or a tournament, and athletes win moving rewards in $MOOV.

Special rewards

By achieving certain ranking levels or completing certain milestones, players can be entitled to Sports NFT’s they can brag about and complete Sports collections.

Dotmoovs platform fees

Are used to fund $MOOVs Reward Pools, NFT Reward Pools, and maintain operations and fund platform continuous development.

Staking pools

$MOOV and NFT rewards unlocked for each gamer will be based on the amount of $MOOVs they stake.


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