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dotmoovs is turning everyone's training at home into a powerful competition.

Through trusted and fair competitions, athletes improve their performances and advance their skills in a sport. dotmoovs is democratizing sports by addressing issues that limit competition.

Physical and Geographic Limitations

In many sports, physical separation and intrinsic characteristics of the game make it impractical for players to engage with each other, compete, and improve. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the freestyle events were canceled, hampering these athletes’ progress.

With dotmoovs athletes can create their worldwide network and compete as they were in the same place.


Freestyle athletes struggle hard to recover the investment made in equipment and competitions.

The limited options to monetize their time and skill rely on prizes and sponsors, in highly competitive tournaments.

At dotmoovs athletes can sponsor themselves and monetize their passion every day.

Assessment of Skill

Current methods for measuring the skill and performance of players rely on outdated approaches, expensive and complex hardware, or simply do not exist. In many games, there is no simple, global way to track the skill of a player in an objective manner, which is a challenge for both players and sponsors.

At dotmoovs athletes just need their smartphone’s camera and our anti-fraud mechanism.

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Providing the answers to complicated questions.

How can two athletes compete with each other if they are playing in different parts of the world? How can we assess the performance of each opponent properly and accurately?

Current methods for measuring players' skill and performance rely on outdated approaches or simply do not exist. Until now, there is no simple, global way to track a player's skill objectively in many games.

Advanced computer vision algorithms tailored to each sport.

Arbitration engine using a two-step algorithm to detect the human body and its various limbs positions, followed by a scoring algorithm to measure the player’s skill.

Peer-to-peer challenges to monetise time training through cryptocurrencies and NFTs with open market dynamics.

The system thus determines the winner, the stake is transferred, and the ranking is updated.

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Team athletes

Combining AI, Tech and Growth to deliver dotmoovs to the World.

pedro rente lourenço

Pedro Rente Lourenço

Pedro is an industry-recognized AI professional with experience implementing technology and AI R&D across a variety of fields.

At dotmoovs, Pedro will compete to ensure your challenges are trustworthy, safe and exciting!


salomé azevedo

Salomé Azevedo

Salomé is a Biomedical engineer with expertise in technology strategy and new services and product development in the healthcare industry.

At dotmoovs, Salomé will compete to improve your sports experience and guarantee that every movement counts!


ricardo martins costa

Ricardo Martins Costa

Ricardo is an experienced communicator, marketer, and manager. He has helped scale several innovative companies and startups in the tech industry.

At dotmoovs, Ricardo will compete in the community challenge making sure you understand everything we do!


gonçalo faria

Gonçalo Faria

Gonçalo is a skilled Data Scientist performing research on advanced computer vision algorithms.

At dotmoovs, Gonçalo will compete in object tracking algorithms to capture every movement you make in the video!


Guilherme Viveiros

Guilherme Viveiros

Guilherme is a Data Scientist with proven experience deploying computer vision algorithms.

At dotmoovs, Guilherme will compete in the mathematical definition of each sports score, so your challenge experience is just the same as offline.


José Boticas

José Boticas

José is a Software Developer with proven experience providing software solutions.

At dotmoovs, José will compete in the mobile app development so you can play from wherever you want with just your smartphone!


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Team ambassadors

Representing dotmoovs in the world

Luís Figo

Luís Figo

Luís Figo is a renowned football legend. Recognised in 2001 as the best player in world, he is regarded as one of the greatest football players of his generation.

At dotmoovs, Figo will compete in branding field, representing the company as one of its ambassadors.

Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo Quaresma is an international football star. His signature tricks, including the rabona and trivela, made him a popular figure among fans around the world.

At dotmoovs, Quaresma will represent the company as one of its ambassadors and help the company grow.


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